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A computer is a tool to do a job.
The more you understand how to use it,
the more effective and efficiently it can be.

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Hello! I’m Martin Westhorp, now if you’re like me and you find you spend a lot of time at the computer keyboard you’re always grateful of newer and quicker ways of doing things, after all the computer is just a tool to enable us to do certain tasks more easily. There really is no right or wrong way, simply a long or a short, hard or an easy way, but it’s just that we are not always aware of the shortcuts that can increase our effectiveness and efficiency.

At Quickfire Training we start with a task, not the computer and concentrate on the relevant shortcuts that save you time, effort, money and help you preserve your sanity.

Workshops are short and concentrated, taking only 2 hours during which you apply techniques as you learn them and we share some snazzy ideas and processes developed over the last 25 plus years in the business. You’ll still have the rest of the day to catch up with all of your work.

And remember these are techniques that you’ll use again and again, so the benefits are continuous.

So whether it’s ways of understanding, managing or presenting information, or simply ways of speeding up your general work, get in touch and see whether Quickfire has the shortcuts you are looking for.

“Thanks so much for your time again, it’s great for us to have someone we can call on & who can explain things to us in plain English, without making us feel daft - we really do appreciate it!”

Kath, Southport

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